The financial ethos in India has undergone major changes over the years. This has led to major shift in the stance of the organizations as well as business houses to incorporate dedicated financial planner. Having a mere accountant does not justify the financial outlook of an organization which is why the need for professional financial planners has increased with in the country.

With a range of courses coming to the forefront, it has become an open field for students to have a lucrative career in this industry. In addition to that there are also additional options available like investments, banking, insurance, finance and stock broking. A certified financial planner certification is a mark of excellence given to students and is recognized globally by all the financial community. Any student looking forward to attain this certification must complete the overall academic programs designed and developed by FPSB. Moreover the education programs must also be issued via an authorized education partner. All the guidelines must be checked by the student beforehand and the college that has cleared all this prerequisites can be considered for higher qualification as well as work experience.

CFP Certification is the highest level of Certification worldwide in the field of Financial Planning widely is respected by consumers, professionals & industry. There is no denying the fact that education is surely a major aspect of this certification. The biggest question that comes to the minds of the students before undertaking MBA finance courses is the benefits that they would yield. These include:

Usually companies look for students who have at least three years of experience in this industry which is why most of the top level courses are spread over three years so that a students can not only garner the technical knowledge but also get ample exposure in this market.